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Programme Monitoring & Implementation Unit (PMIU)
Irrigation Department, Punjab
    Frequently Asked Questions (Complaints)
How can I register my complaints?

There are several ways to register the complaints
  • Toll free Help Line; (0800-11333)
  • By Email; (pmiuipd@yahoo.com)
  • By direct application; (PMIU, Irrigation Secretariat, Old Anakali Lahore)
  • By fax; (042-99213598)
  • Chief Minister Open Kutchery
  • Chief Minister Complaint Cell
  • Chief Secretary Petition Cell
What is Complaint Id?

Complaint ID is tracking number of complaint which is useful to get information regarding a complaint at any time. Usually complainant calls on Toll Free Helpline to inquire about the status of the complaint. Helpline operator asks for complaint ID from the complainant to track the status of complaint.

What is the status of my complaint?

Complainant can view the status of his/her complaint by visiting irrigation website (http://irrigation.punjab.gov.pk). Complaint ID is essential to know the status of complaint from the website otherwise Complainant has to call Toll Free Helpline (0800 11 333).

How the complaint is processed?

  1. When a complaint is received from an irrigator/complainant through any source, the information regarding type of complaint, division name, channel name and related information along with the contact number of the irrigator/complainant are collected and accordingly registered in the complaint register. After lodging, the complaint number is issued.
  2. The same information is also uploaded in the database through Complaint Management System (CMS)
  3. Contents of complaint are published in web accounts of XENs, SEs & Chief Engineers on Irrigation Web Site (http://irrigation.punjab.gov.pk). Field operators are bound to respond within four days.
  4. The replies received from the field operators are evaluated in the light of the rules and discussions with the complainant.
  5. Before resolving the public complaint, the complainant is called to check whether his grievances are properly addressed or not. If not, then concerned Executive Engineer is instructed for joint inspection of the complainant site.
  6. Search and Track system is also available that will help searching the specific complaint by mentioning its respective village name or complaint number.
  7. The history of activities taken on the complaint by field division and PMIU is also maintained.
  8. Computer generated reminders are also transmitted automatically to field division for quick replies.
Who will register my complaint?

Helpline operator will register your complaint whenever you dial on Toll Free Helpline number 0800 11 333 or the compliant is received by other sources.

Which person will I have to contact for my Complaints?

Complaints Management Section is headed by Director Gauges and a team of helpline operators. Whenever you call on Toll Free Helpline (0800 11 333), helpline operator will tell the status of your complaint. If you need further help or have further query, you can contact Deputy Director Helpline (042-99213595-97).
* How can I register my Complaint?
* What is Complaint Id?
* What is the status of my Complaint?
* How the Complaint is processed?
* Who will register my Complaints?
* Which person will I have to contact for my Complaints?
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Programme Monitoring & Implementation Unit (PMIU)
Irrigation Department, Punjab