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Programme Monitoring & Implementation Unit (PMIU)
Irrigation Department, Punjab

Complaint Cell
Programme Monitoring & Implementation Unit (PMIU)

The Government of Punjab, Irrigation Department has recognized the need to communicate more effectively with the Public, the concerned interested groups and the beneficiaries with view to getting feedback and optimizing the functioning of PMIU especially with regard to the efficient and optimal canal operations.

Free Help line 0800-11333 has also been provided to lodge complaints by the farmers.

This step of the Government has resulted in improving quality, efficiency and accountability with which Irrigation services are delivered. Furthermore, PMIU is also responsible for processing the complaints, which are received from Chief Minister Complaint Cell, Chief Minister Open Katchary and Chief Secretary’s Petition Cell.

Complaint Lodging Sources

Complaints are received from the following resources:
  • Toll free Help Line; (0800-11333)
  • By Email; (pmiuipd@yahoo.com)
  • By direct application; (PMIU, Irrigation Secretariat, Old Anakali Lahore)
  • By fax; (042-9213598)
  • Chief Minister Open Kutchery
  • Chief Minister Complaint Cell
  • Chief Secretary Petition Cell
Types of Complaints

The complaints are received on the toll free helpline lodged by the farmers as well as Monitoring Assistants (MA), field staff of PMIU. The above lodged complaints are divided into various categories as follows;
  • Tail Dry
  • Tail Short
  • Water Theft
  • Head Gauge Missing
  • Tail Gauge Missing
  • Discharge Table Implementation and
  • Others (warabandi and tawan cases, and water course tempering etc.)

For further information, you can consult frequently asked questions (FAQ) available on website.

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Programme Monitoring & Implementation Unit (PMIU)
Irrigation Department, Punjab